A fun way to discover the secrets of Florence from an unique perspective and a totally different point of view.
The Arno river has been since the very beginning, part of the history of Florence, providing food and joy as well as floods and disasters.

It is thank to my sister Leonora and my brother in law Ermanno, that I had finally the chance to navigate along the Arno river, to finally see Florence and its bridges from an unique point of view. They came to spend a couple of days with me to discover a little more about the history of the city. It was a beautiful sunny day and Leonora made all the arrangements, allowing me to finally play the part of the “tourist”, with the Firenze Rafting team.

I always walk the streets but not yet the river!
We met Marco and Ettore by the tower of San Niccolò, they took care of all the equipment needed. After a little introduction to learn the basic skills of rafting, on how to be on the boat and how to handle it, we headed to the river. There is a little sandy beach by the Tower, so it was fun and easy to get all on board.
We started cruised and the city revealed itself in all its beauty form and angle that I haven’t experience yet and it was stunning. We cruised in front of the national Library, the Uffizi, under the Ponte Vecchio. Finally a way to understand better where the old watermills stood, where the local fished in the “pescaie” and where laundry was washed by the “lavatoi”. We continued under the Santa Trinita bridge to see its decoration, which is always hiding from the multitude of people walking just over it. The Santa Trinita and the Carraia bridge right after where rebuilt following the original design after the bombing of WWII. In 45 minutes we arrived from the Tower of San Niccolò to the pescaia of Santa Rosa, where we ended out short journey with a big smile of our faces.
This could definitely be a nice and fun option to visit the city, especially for family and kids who likes to mix some action in their visits. A fun and easy way to see the city, the perfect opportunity to combine a little bit of history and walking around the city with an easy cruise along the river.
All the guides in the Firenze rafting Team are certified rafting instructor.