I have a passion for traveling.  The most positive thing about my job is that before the summer season starts, I have a lot of free time and I like to spend it by traveling all over…Bali, Costa Rica, Portugal…but sometime is nice to stay and discover home.

Italy is a compact and versatile journey.  It has everything to offer…you name it you’ll find it…remote islands, desolated mountains, rolling hills and more…so before the season starts again this time I went to Ponza.  Where is Ponza?  Just off the cost of Terracina, in theDSC_0212-min province of Latina, Lazio region, few kilometers south of Rome..in the section of the mediterranean sea called “Mar Tirreno” (Tyrrhenian Sea) between Rome and Napoli.DSC_0230-min

Ponza is the largest of the “Isole Pontine” part of the Pontine Islands Archipelago.  The name “Ponza”, according to local legends, was given after Pontius Pilate, Roman governor of Judea who tries for heresy  Jesus of Nazareth, even if the name “Pontia” already appeared in Strabo’s Geography, predating the birth of Pilate.

The Etruscan civilization, which spread between Lazio and Tuscany , was the to first colonized the island, and most probably destroyed most of the local forest.  The wood was indeed  use in the construction of the naval fleet and for iron extraction.

After the Etruscan was the time of the Romans, who exiled on the island Nero Caesar, eldest brother of Caligula and two of his sisters, for their complicity in a plot to overthrown Caligula ( Agrippina the younger, mother of the emperor Nero and Julia Livilla).

Today Ponza offers beautiful isolated beaches, some of them at the bottom ofDSC_0208-min steep cliffs but still amazing, totally worth it… Just wear a nice pair of comfortable shoes and hike down! A deep blue sea and beautiful dive sites, as well as many trekking tracks awaits for you.DSC_0235-min

So if you happened to be around the area with a bathing suite and eager to experience a dive in Italy, why not heading to Ponza?

Jump on a ferry, the fast one takes less than one hour from Terracina, contact the Medusa Diving, (www.medusadivingponza.it )they will provide all the equipment needed, transportation included.  If you want to stay longer, the “albergo diffuso La Palma” offers accommodations all over the island (www.ponza-lapalmaresidencehotel.it).  In the summer can be quite busy…my suggestion is to visit in May or September…and now the only thing you are missing is to visit and Enjoy Ponza!