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Trekking on the Apuan Alps. For the lovers of trekking and for the ones who love climbing mountains, this is the tour made for you. You will have the chance to see some of the most amazing mountain tops of the Apennine. Of course you will be accompanied by a local guide, specialized in trekking and free climbing. The Alpi Apuane are a mountain range in northern Tuscany, Italy, part of the Apennine Mountains. They are included between the valleys of the Serchio and Magra rivers, and, to north-west, the Garfagnana and Lunigiana. The name derives from that of the Apuani Ligures tribe who lived here in ancient times.

There are many paths in the Park; about hundred are indicated by Club Alpino Italiano. There are many other paths realized by Comunità Montane, like “Garfagnana Trekking”, “Apuane Trekking”, “Lunigiana Trekking”, “Alta Via delle Apuane”. We recommend you to supply yourself with maps full of details, to check the path’s conditions and the weather before starting the excursion. Below there are some classic itineraries you can do by yourself or with a guide.

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L’anello delle Panie (The Pania Ring-route). Average Journey Time TMP 6.00 hours. Difficulty EE -
The hiking excursion starts at the location of Piglionico. Leave your car near the small chapel, then take the CAI track n.7 to the Rifugio Rossi (Rossi Shelter - TMP 1,15 hours) from which, take the CAI 126 directions upwards for another hour in the Vallone dell’Inferno, where you reach the top of Pania della Croce the queen of the Apuan Alps (1859 m. above sea level). The track then descends to the Foce di Mosceta and the Rifugio del Freo (Del Freo Shelter). From here, take the n. 9 track and then the n. 127, which leads you back to your destination by walking around the Pizzo delle Saette.
Sentiero Natura di Campocatino (Campocatino Nature Track) - Eremo di S. Viano (S. Viano Hermitage). Average Journey Time TMP 2.30 hours. Difficulty E -
An easy ring-route track which permits you to follow the sides of the Campocatino natural depression basin dating back to the glacial era. Walking along the first part among the caselli local pastoral huts and the once cultivated terraced areas, you reach the beech woods at the foot of the north-western face of Mount Roccandagia. Walk on until the impressive south-eastern rock point. Reaching the gravel track which leads back to Campocatino you can choose the ring-route in (TMP 1,30 hours) or take the mule track which descends to the Eremo di S. Viano (S. Viano Hermitage) nestled into the rock-face over-looking the Arnetola Valley.
L’anello del Monte Forato (Monte Forato Ring-route). Average Journey Time TMP 5 hours. Difficulty E -
From Fornovolasco the CAI track n. 6 ascends to the Foce di Petrosciana, passing near the Tana che Urla (cave) and the Sorgente della Chiesaccia (spring). From the Foce, an unmarked track although clearly evident, takes you along the crest of the mountain passing near the arch of Monte Forato (1223 m. above sea level) then reaching la Foce di Valli. The alternative route is marked with CAI n. 131 which descends slightly to a lower quota and leads to the same location to the foot of the southern side of Pania della Croce. From here the direction indicated by CAI n. 130, passes a few remote houses then back to Fornovolasco. A shorter itinerary is to descend from Monte Forato by the CAI n. 12 until you reach the CAI n. 6 again and continue back to Fornovolasco (TMP 3,30 hours).
L’anello Orto di Donna (The Lady’s Garden Ring-route). Difficulty E -
Leaving your car at the end of the paved road which leads to Orto di Donna near the Rifugio Donegani (Donegani Shelter) you find the CAI n. 180 directions to the Foce di Giovo. From here with a short deviation you can reach the summit of Pizzo d’Uccello only advised for expert hikers. Instead, our tour continues on the CAI n. 179 indications under the rock-face of the Cresta Garnerone and the Grondilice, until you reach Cava (Quarry) n. 27, where the marble road from Orto di Donna finishes. Here you can find the new Apuan Park shelter. Continuing along the CAI n.179 direction passing near the bivacco (bivouac) K2 until the Foce di Cardeto. At this point the CAI n. 178 track descends into the beech woods to return to your starting point.

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about 9 hours
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trekkers or guests who would like to discover the beauty of our mountain’s paths, for a serious work out or just for an easy walk to enjoy the landscape and the fresh air.