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This beautiful city is still famous for being the worst enemy of Florence – in fact it is the last city to be conquered by the Medici in 1565. Siena was probably another town founded by the Etruscans but we don’t have many proofs of this. As a city it was inaugurated in the 11th century. As a city it offers a very well preserved historical center, mostly pedestrian, with narrow and steep streets.
The history of Siena is very similar to the one of Florence, even though the way the town was built is very different. Siena always supported the emperor, that’s why the city was built around the political center of the city (town hall) instead of around the religious center (church).
The beautiful city of Siena retains an ancient and mysterious atmosphere floating through the little, narrow streets and squares. Extending over its three hills, Siena is a very beautiful city to visit, a flamboyant Medieval ensemble of palaces and towers cast in warm, sienna-coloured bricks. The pride of Siena is its soaring skyline, which is dominated by the Gothic Cathedral, or Piazza del Duomo, the narrow needle of the Torre del Mangia and the shell-shaped Piazza del Campo, which has been featured in countless films, photographs and advertising campaigns.
Hospitality is part of the people’s culture here in Siena, and the day will end with a special greeting from the local authorities. Before this, take a guided walking tour to discover some of the highlights of Siena.

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What You Visit?

Church of San Domenico - Your tour begins at the Church of San Domenico. This Gothic church features an exquisite chapel surrounded by frescoes, and it was dedicated to St. Catherine. It was built in 1460 to store her preserved head, which is now kept in a gilded marble tabernacle on the altar.
Piazza del Duomo - Next, a visit of the Piazza del Duomo. Built from 1136-1382, the Piazza del Duomo features an imposing cathedral; one of the most spectacular in Italy, and one of few to have been built south of the Alps in the full Gothic style. In 1339, the Sienese decided to build a new nave to the south with the aim of making the biggest church in Christendom. Many ordinary citizens helped to cart the black-and-white stone used in its construction from quarries on the outskirts of the city. Unfortunately, the nave was never completed due to the plague that killed off much of the city’s population. The unfinished nave now contains a museum of Gothic sculpture.
Libreria Piccolomini - Inside the cathedral is the spectacular Libreria Piccolomini. It is renowned for its great frescoes by Pinturicchio that cover its walls and ceiling, and for its books, all of them hand-written and decorated with wonderful ornaments. Following the first part of the guided tour, proceed for a typical Sienese lunch at one of the nicest and most typical restaurants of the city.
Piazza del Campo - After lunch, continue on to the Piazza del Campo, which is surrounded by elegant palaces. Its focal-point is an elaborate fountain, the Fonte Gaia, a rectangular marble basin decorated by statues. The remarkable Palazzo Pubblico still serves as the Town Hall, and a visit will be made to the Civic Museum, or Museo Civico, inside the Town Hall. Located in one of the most important Gothic public buildings, the Civic Museum houses masterpieces of Sienese art and history, including the world-famous Guidoriccio da Fogliano by Simone Martini in the fantastic Globe Room, or Sala del Mappamondo. Although the gently-sloping ground of the Piazza del Campo was the site of many historic events, perhaps the most intriguing is the Palio horserace, one of the most important milestones in the life of Siena. A bareback horserace takes place in the piazza on July 2nd and August 16th each year. The race was first recorded in 1283, but may have had its origins in Roman military training. On the race day anything and everything is done to bring home the prize - a Palio banner to be shown off with pride by the entire neighborhood.

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Approximately 3hrs. The duration of the tour can also vary depending on the meeting point. We offer the possibility to meet directly in Siena or we can also arrange private transportation with a driver, with a pickup service directly at the hotel.
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Car, Minivan Or Walking For The City Center

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The tour offers a panoramic view of the city – it is great for first time visitors and also for those who wish to get a mode in-depth knowledge of Siena. Depending on guest request the visit can include the museum or the visit of the inside of the cathedral.