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If you know already about Florence and its roman origins, we offer you the possibility to discover the ancient civilization of the Etruscans. They lived in the Tuscany area, in those days called “Etruria”, 8-9 centuries before the Romans. The Etruscan Coast joins mysteries of ancient Etruscans with the beauty of its medieval towns and beaches. Not far from the coast, marvelous hills offer some amazing views of the Tuscany countryside. The Etruscan Coast is located in province of Livorno (Tuscany) stretching from municipality of Cecina to Piombino... On this tour you will visit the two most remarkable towns embodying the Etruscan heritage: Populonia and Volterra.

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Populonia - The fame of Populonia is due not only to its Rocca, but also the fact that was the Etruscan town of Pupluna or Fufluna, one of the more ancient and prestigious human settlements of the whole Tuscany. The archeological recovery of its wide necropolis confirm that the area was inhabited at least from the Neolithic era. Pupluna was one of the most important cities of the Etruscan civilization and it was the only one, between the greatest settlements, to rise on the coast. This allowed the city to be a commercial and industrial point of reference between the centers of the hinterland and the islands of the Tuscan archipelago, thanks to the presence of many fusion ovens for the metals extracted in the near mines. The urban nucleus was composed of two parts: that of the 'Acropoli', at dominion of the Baratti gulf and that industrial, on the coast, with the naval port and the ovens. The visit focuses on places of interest where you will witness the evolution of these great civilization later on conquered by the Romans. You will learn about the skills in working iron, bronze and gold. In fact the Etruscans were excellent gold smith. The highlight of the visit will be seeing the tombs in the natural reserve of Populonia.

Volterra – another town renowned for its Etruscan heritage is Volterra, a town distinguished by its snow-white alabaster which was founded in 8th century BC. As we reach the town, you can choose to spend just time on your own, or you can choose a visit, duration approximately 1 ½ -2 hours with a local authorized guide which usually starts on top of the medieval town wall with a view of the untouched Tuscan landscape. On bright days, you can even see Corsica and the Tyrrhenian sea from there. In a 5-minute walk, we reach the Arco Etrusco, the 2300-year-old Etruscan gateway. Through small streets and peaceful little squares, we reach the Roman theatre and the adjacent thermal baths. The culmination of our tour is the medieval Piazza dei Priori, flanked by the town hall and the Duomo where we see the famous thirteenth century sculpture of The Deposition and works of Benozzo Gozzoli and Fra Bartolomeo. Our tour concludes with a visit of the Baptistery situated in front of the Duomo. Lunch and dinner, if requested, can be organized in a local “agriturismo”.

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Full day, 9 hrs approximately.
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on guest request

included, either with private car, van or bus for larger groups up to 45 pax.
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Guests who would like to discover the true origins of Tuscany. A journey through the ruins of one of the most famous and still partially unknown civilization who lived in these area 9 centuries before the Romans.