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Would you like to learn how to cook a real Italian meal? One of the best way to appreciate and to understand our culture is through our dishes and food products. From lasagne to home made ravioli, from pasta all’uovo to gnocchi. Learning how to cook a real “fiorentina” steak or our typical wild boar dishes. We will uncover for you our traditional recipes and our little secrets on how to create a perfect meal in an easy and fun way, with fresh local products.

Morning lessons will start directly at the local fruit and vegetable market, where you can learn about our seasonal products and how to recognize the better ones. Upon your arrival, we will explains the dishes to be prepared during your cooking class. Tuscany’s food is much like its landscape, clean and simple, and the city’s characteristic dishes feature an interplay of vegetables, beans, salt-free bread and fruity olive oil. Tuscans are masters at the art of understatement; their favorite herbs, thyme, rosemary and fennel, are used judiciously, and never squandered or wasted.

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Sharp sheep’s milk cheese from artisanal dairies lends saltiness and pungency to pastas, savory pies and salads. Ravioli and tortelli, the region’s classic filled pastas, are filled with ricotta or potatoes and pancetta, then dressed with butter and sage, tomato sauce or a meat sauce. A special breed of cattle known as Chianina provides succulent meat for the grill and delicious pasta sauces.

Desserts, always more impressive on festive days, range from a dome-shaped cake called zuccotto to a flat bread studded with raisins - it dates from the days of the Etruscans. Tuscany's world-renowned wines include Brunello di Montalcino, Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, Chianti, Vin Santo, Vernaccia di San Gimignano, and the new ‘Super Tuscan’ wines.

The dishes prepared during your class are then served to you for lunch, and accompanied by wine. We will teach you only traditional recipes, depending of course on the availability of the products and on the season.

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