Indeed since I was a kid I was and am a cheese lover. Of course it took some time for my palate to
learn to appreciate even the strongest cheeses, but when I discovered the world of goat cheese, I
just can’t never get enough.! !
As part of my DNA as a Tuscany girl I still love my pecorino and caciottine, but I have to say that
goat cheese for me won 1st prize!! !
How did it happened? Well it is actually thanks to a friend of mine, Tony, a food and wine lover just
like me, who one day came back after a morning cruising around the chianti region, with lots of
bags full with goods for local farmers.!
“You have to try this” he said, pulling out a bunch of different types of cheeses, the strong aroma
got to my nose right away. “They are so good!”, and he was right. Some had a white puffy crust
on, other with a black crust, result of the aging under the charcoal, other with herbs and poppy
seeds…a journey of pleasure for my palate!!
“Where did you find them?” I asked and this is how I got to know the Podere Le Fornaci, a goat
cheese farm, ORGANIC 100%, in a small village called Greti, a couple of kilometers away from
Greve in Chianti.
Well I had to see them with my own eyes I said to myself, and so one day I went to meet them in
their farm. When I arrived I was welcomed by Marco and Michele, then I met Lea and Michela, all
wonderful young people who shared with me their passion for what they do and their philosophy. I
meet all their “kids”, about 100 goats, all free to run around the fields, looking very happy.! !
The farm was born in 2000 with about 25 goats, now they have about 100 females and 2 very
lucky boys, which unfortunately enjoy their harem for a limited time, because they are very concern
about genetic, and so after a couple of year they have to change the boys to insure a vast genetic
make sure the genetic patrimony is vast and varied. ! !
Only the milk produce but they goats is processed directly in their farm, and the production starts in
March, after the goats have delivered their babies around the end of January beginning of
The new born baby-goats stays with their mother for about 40 days, and when they start to eat
grass and other plants it is time to start milking the mother twice a day!! !
The production ends by the fall, usually by October the goats are pregnant again, and at the
Podere Le Fornaci don’t force a production in the winter and they leave the mothers to rest and get
ready for the next motherhood challenge. ! !
The problem is how to keep paying for the bills, everyday life, feeding the animals trough the winter
months without any cheese production? Well they had a brilliant idea! !
You can adopt a goat, like I didi it a couple years ago. My project was to share the cheese with
someone special, but at the end it was just me and my adopted goat called GINA.! !
Adopting a goat sounds strange to you? It actually a very smart idea to respect mother nature and
the animals as well. Since the farm has no income in the winter but still many things to pay, you
can adopt a goat, paying a yearly fee during the winter. The money will be used to support the
farm and the goats during the winter and in the summer, when the productions starts again, you
will have in exchange of your fee goats cheese, with an extra 10%.!
If you wish to have more information about it here is their website:! !
Well what are you waiting for? I suggest you to go and visit them or come and join me during one
of my tasting tours in the countryside, including a goat cheese tasting or light lunch in the farm.! !
I believe that “you are what you eat” and you