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Would you like to see where the famous white marble of Carrara is from? Would you like to see the quarries where Michelangelo extracted his own blocks for his masterpieces? The Carrara marble quarries have been exploited for more than 2000 years. Carrara marble is very famous because it flawlessness made it particularly suitable for making sculptures, and it’s not surprise that most famous artists have used it (Michelangelo, Canova, etc.). Michelangelo used to spend months and months in the quarries, in order to find the best quality of white marble.

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The first era of glory of the Carrara quarries was in the Roman period: during the imperial age the demand for Carrara marble rose because it became the most requested building stone for public buildings. Since then Carrara was a synonymous of marble and its stone was requested worldwide for buildings, statues, monuments, etc. Till now, about about one million tons of Carrara marble are quarried each year.

On this tour you will have the chance explore beautiful natural landscape and discover ancient traditions and small mountain villages. You will have the opportunity to go directly to the quarries and to visit some of the famous workshops where you can find many beautiful marble objects. In the area of the Fantiscritti quarry, for example, a marble sculptor has created a small but fascinating open air museum, where it is possible to understand how hard, dangerous and, somehow, heroic, was the life of the quarry laborers.

Nowadays it is still hard work, but everything has been changed thanks to technology. While you visit the quarries, you can see men working all around and can listen to the noise of the stones falling down from the mountains walls. You will also see how many different types of marble we produce here in Tuscany.

After the quarries we offer you the possibility to visit one of the oldest villages of the area, called Colonnata, just a few minutes away from the quarries, famous for the production of lard. In the old times, men needed to eat food packed with calories in order to do their work in the quarries.

As a result of this was born the world-famous Lardo di Colonnata – one of the most traditional food products of Tuscany. It is a delicious spiced lard prepared and seasoned according to an old local recipe. You can taste it in one of the several larderia of the small village of Colonnata.

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Approximately 6 hrs.
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on guest request.

Included. Either by a private car or a van. Also 4x4 available.
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Those who want enjoy a day in a beautiful mountainous area and see in person where the famous marble is from. This tour is planned for small groups, in order to preserve the environment and the quiet villages you visit. Also, in this area streets are very narrow and we prefer to use small vans from 7 up to 16 seats (even if big buses are allowed to reach these places).