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Florence, or ‘Firenze’, is the birthplace of Renaissance and a true classical Italian city. Located on the Arno River and built around Il Duomo, one of Italy’s most fascinating cathedrals, Florence is home to rich art museums, bustling squares and some of the most amazing architecture to be found anywhere in the world.
Florence’s artistic wealth can be attributed to one family in particular, the Medicis. Rulers of the city for over three centuries, they were directly responsible for the cultivation of Renaissance art in Florence and the vast quantity of outstanding buildings that remain to this day.

This tour is organized for the “art-lovers”. If you want to see in first person the most famous works of art of the world, from painting such as the “Birth of Venus” by Botticelli to sculpture such as Michelangelo’s David, these tour is for you. Two museums completely different from each other but that together represent without a doubt the most beautiful a famous side of Florence. You will witness renaissance art’s evolution and the masterpieces of its major artists.

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What You Visit?

Uffizi Gallery
Originally built as administrative offices (therefore its name, Uffizi), the Uffizi has displayed Medici's unrivaled art collection for four centuries, making it one of the oldest museums in the world. Some of the greatest works of Western art are on display, including masterpieces by Botticelli, Giotto, Titian, Michelangelo and Da Vinci. The museum also showcases the works of the Mannerists, Flemish and Spanish painters, Venetian artists up to Tiepolo, and French and German schools of art. The unique Vasari Corridor passes over the Old Bridge, and connects the museum with the Pitti Palace

The gallery boasts a superb collection of works by Michelangelo including his monumental David and the Prisoners commissioned by the pope Julius II in 1534.

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about 5 hours, walking tour.
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On guest request

available for guests outside Florence.

Intended For:

Art lovers who would like to discover and understand the most important works of art of the Renaissance.